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Garden is one of the most colourful and attractive aspects of a house. If you want to, you can grow many and any kind of flowers, fruits, vegetables, or anything you like in your garden; but remember, if you do plan to grow them and make your Garden look beautiful, you need to take care of them accordingly everyday! And because of the attractive feature of it, many people look for pictures of those amazing sights -- and that's where we come in! We have the best Garden Flowers pictures that you are looking for among the huge directory of Garden pictures which is available at!

Interesting garden-related facts

  • Tulip bulbs were more valuable than gold in Holland in the 1600s. Wow!
  • The largest flower in the world is the titan arums, which produce flowers 10 feet high and 3 feet wide. The flowers smell of decaying flesh and are also known as corpse flowers. Not friendly!
  • Scientists discovered the world’s oldest flower in 2002, in northeast China. The flower, named Archaefructus sinensis, bloomed around 125 million years ago and resembles a water lily. That is reallllly long!

Gardens are indeed an amazing sight to look at and it is no surprise that people like this category of wallpaper very much. But if you are feeling up for it and want to look around a bit more around our huge directory of pictures of different kind of things which is similar, well we want to recommend a few categories like, Exterior, Accessories, and Living! And as a thank you to the visitors of our site, we provide our pictures at various different resolutions so you don't have to wonder or a take hassle of our pictures not fitting your screen! We also have a random page where you'll find awesome random pictures related to home, it can be of any part of the house.

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