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Ah, Bathroom. Who wouldn't want an amazing Bathroom with let's say, black marble floors and marvelous fittings?! Anyone would! People might Bathroom is just a dirty, nasty place, but in reality, it's just that way because the owners are keeping it that way! If you want to keep it clean and make it look gorgeous, it will look that way. If you are too lazy keep it clean, then it will look dirty! But besides that, people who are hygienic usually tend to take care of their Bathroom and make them look as best they can -- and that is where we kick in! We have all kinds of stylish bathrooms pictures that'll give you great ideas for new renovations that you were looking for and also in HD quality, right here at our huge directory.

3 Interesting facts about bathrooms

  • Seven million mobile phones are dropped in the toilet per year.
  • Americans use 433 million miles of toilet paper annually which could stretch to the sun and back.
  • 64% of women think about their to do lists in the shower compared to 48% of men.

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